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GxFonts is a custom font manager for Samsung Galaxy devices on Android 7.0+

Being able to customize the various aspects of Android is what drew me away from iOS many years ago. Each OEM does things differently, so not all mods are compatible with any device on the market. Society is passionate enough that they usually offer something for every device out there. Samsung's Galaxy devices are incredibly popular and have attracted a lot of attention over the years. Depending on your device, you may not be able to choose a different font for your device.

Looking at the Galaxy Note 9, I see that I can choose from 5 different font styles for free, but then have to go into a sub-store within Samsung's software to choose from several. Some are free, but of course Samsung tends to market the paid options more as it means they get a piece of cake when the purchase is made (we also see this in their theme store). However, XDA Senior Member recently launched an application called GxFonts that will work on Samsung Galaxy devices running Android 7.0 and higher.

It's free in the Play Store, does not require root access, and the developer says it will

  • Features:

    • Free to download and use Google fonts
    • Built-in font management to manage your custom fonts
    • Create Custom Font with Font Files (Plain / Bold / Italic / Bold Italic) (Requires PRO)
    • One User Interface
    • No Ads
    • All Donation Options Give You PRO Mode
      GxFonts - Custom Fonts for Samsung Galaxy
      GxFonts - Custom fonts for Samsung Galaxy

    Check out the GxFonts app in our Galaxy Note 9 forum

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