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Gwen, Irelia, others are scheduled to be eliminated in League Patch 11.15

The League of Legends gameplay design team has previewed some of the changes coming to the game in Patch 11.15. In particular, a long list of masters is planned to be nerfed.

An extensive number of champions are set to be nerfed in Patch 11.15. Nine champions on the roster will see the power reduced during the upcoming update.

The nerves that are planned to hit the live servers in Patch 11.15, will focus mainly on solo track masters with Annie, Viego, Irelia, Sylas and others who will all be nervous in the next patch. But the most notable champion to receive nerfs in the upcoming update will be Gwen, who has dominated the professional landscape of the game since its April release. In all competitive regions, Gwen boasts a pick / ban rate of 82.4 since the start of the Summer Split, according to League statistics page Games of Legends.

Aurelion Sol, which according to Riot has posted an average payout percentage of 57.4 percent in Challenger during the last two updates, will also receive significant nerfs. The only non-lane champion to be killed in Patch 1

1.15 is Thresh, who has found success in both solo queue and professional play too late.

Several champions are set to be pushed in Patch 11.15 as well, but the champions’ main positions vary much more than the champions who were set to be nerfed.

League Patch 11.15 is scheduled to hit the live servers on Wednesday, July 21, according to the game’s official update schedule.

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