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GTA Online’s tuner update is for fast and furious fans

People hanging out in a warehouse filled with cool cars in GTA Online.

Screenshot: Rockstar Games

Today, Rockstar released the latest major update for Grand Theft Auto Online. Los Santos Tuners is about cute cars, fast races, dangerous crime, all while hanging with like-minded gears. And unlike the past GTA Online Updates, Tuners not only adds things that society has long wanted, but it also gives players an official way to hold car meetings. The end result is an update that is (mostly) good time for solo players or large groups.

When I say that Los Santos Tuners gives a lot of the game, I really mean a lot. It’s one of the biggest free updates in GTA Online history. But the star of the expansion is Car Meet, a new area located south of Los Santos in an empty warehouse. Inside you will find other clever cars owned by both NPCs and other players. As you walk around the room, you can inspect cars up close and take photos to celebrate the event. Players can also hop in their cars and turn the engine, open the hood, play music and even line up and modify the wheels there in the car meeting. It’s a great experience, and because no one is allowed to shoot or drive people over, it’s also a nice and chill hangout.

Players have driven car encounters GTA Onlinefor years, long before this update. But it always meant relying on other players to play peacefully, which sometimes required finding private lobbies or quiet areas on the map. If you were not careful, some asshole could come by and Blast yourself with a superlaser. Now Rockstar has officially given these players a way to show up, show their rides, and even upgrade and run them either on the street or in the accompanying test track.

Some features, such as the test track and the new clothing store, are locked behind a one-time fee of $ 50,000. But this also unlocks the ability to test drive new cars before you buy them, and an LS Tuners reputation meter that grows as you spend more time interacting with other tuners. The higher your meter is, the more you will unlock new things like car mode. And best of all, you do not have to be a member of the car meeting to visit it and hang out.

But like Fast and furious film franchise, this new update is not just about cool cars and street racing. (Although there are a number of new street racing modes, one that includes the police and feels very much like one F&F shortly after turning up the car. You meet two people who give you the chance to make money from committing crimes.

These “tuner contracts” have bank robbery and other heist-like scenarios, even if the payout is only around $ 170,000, and can be deducted solo or with a friend. On the plus side, these missions are also much easier to complete than a large, traditional GTA he ist. One made me drive around town, robbing several small banks using a soup tuner car. Simple but fun and exciting.

Robbery of a bank in one of the new missions found in GTA Online's update.

Screenshot: Rockstar Games / Kotaku

But to access these new contracts and some other tuner-related business opportunities, you need to own a car repair shop. Yes, this update makes you buy still another fucking property. At this point, I lose track of all the businesses and places I own in GTA Online. Adding one to the list is annoying, but at least the car shop is more useful than previous additions, like the submarine.

One thing I like about this update is that you can focus on either the car encounters or the crime game without having to engage with the other parts of the update. While both parts of the game can intersect, this division gives players more options beyond the usual loop of “Buy a shop, drop missions, repeat.” I also appreciate that the new street races require four players before you start, so you are not stuck with empty race lobbies.

For music lovers, the update adds a list of collectibles around the map that can expand your playlist. But for the first time in GTA history, you can now customize your music options. You can choose which stations you like, making it easier to hear the music you like and not things you hate.

Rockstar promises more tuner contracts in the future, more tuners to buy and modify, more races, and even armed go-karts. I’m excited about all this, which is a nice change of pace from feeling burnt out at the game. The existing car meets fanbase and community, meanwhile, no longer need to rely on solutions. It’s a great step towards making GTA Online more like gaming fans want it and less of a killer battlefield filled with jet bikes and nuclear weapons.


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