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GTA Online introduces some brand new music features

GTA Online’s new Los Santos Tuners update introduces some brand new ways to collect and play music, including finding real EPs in the gaming world, and creating a custom radio disc for your favorite stations.

While Los Santos Tuners is primarily about creating new social spaces and missions based on custom cars, there is also a lot of new musical content included. Moodymann – a true DJ introduced to GTA Online in the Cayo Perico Heist update – returns in the new update under Kenny alias, and while offering quests to complete, he will also add his musical expertise.

For the first time, GTA Online will see collectibles added to Los Santos, which when found, add new music to your car̵

7;s radio wheel. These collectibles include ‘Kenny’s Backyard Boogie Mix’ (which Rockstar describes as “potent cocktail of house, soul, hip-hop and more”). Some of the tracks on the mix will be released in GTA Online before elsewhere.

You will also be able to find four sticks from Rockstar’s new record company, CircoLoco – each containing all the music from CircoLoco’s real Monday Dreamin ‘EPs. Finding all four CircoLoco EPs will unlock a DJ mix that combines all 20 tracks that are part of a continuous mix, ‘CLR Launch Party’ by Seth Troxler. It’s another step towards building music into the fabric of GTA’s world, from nightclubs in the game to real DJ sets. It will be very interesting to see if or how Rockstar builds on adding collectible music to the game, along with its regular radio stations.

GTA Online – Los Santos Tuners Update Screenshots

Of course, with more and more music added to the game, the use of the game’s radio disc gets faster with each addition. With that in mind, Rockstar has also made it possible for players to customize the radio from the first time and assign their own favorite stations to it for easy access.

Los Santos Tuners arrives today as a free update, adding new cars, a car-based social room, vehicle-themed missions, new race types and more. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be seeing even more new missions, Kart Krash: Full Auto, a fierce kart racing mode and a new light gun arcade game added to GTA Online as well.

GTA Online will have a significant next-generation console version in November, and Rockstar has also promised ‘surprises’ related to the upcoming 20th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto 3.

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