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GTA Online adds the next generation of exclusive car improvements

Grand Theft Auto Online gets a little faster and furious with the new Los Santos Tuners update. Along with a new social space to showcase your personal cars, this expansion adds new races, rewards and cars. However, some car upgrades will be exclusive to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | The S version of GTA Online coming later this year.

The Los Santos Tuners update is a multi-powered update that begins with a new social room in Cypress Flats called LS Car Meet. There, players can unlock a new reputation progression with rewards at each level, access to the test track for online races and test rides where you can try exclusive cars.

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Prize Ride Challenges allow players to compete for Prize Ride and access to specialty stores such as Merch Shop, Tattoo Shop, Modding Area and Private Takeover, which allow you to decorate the Car Meet room to your style.

Along with new races, including a Street Race series where you will compete in the streets against other races and the LSPD, you can earn new upgrades and cars. Rockstar promises 17 new cars in total during the summer, with 10 coming July 20 when the update goes live.

However, some cars may be upgraded with “brand new speed improvements and more”, but these “special upgrades will only be available on PlayStation and Xbox Series X | S versions of Grand Theft Auto 5.”

This upgrade is scheduled for release in November, but with consoles still hard to find, we hope it’s PS5s and Xbox Series X | S to walk around when the upgrade lands.

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