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Grand Theft Auto 6 needs to bring back the San Andreas feature that skipped GTA 5

It’s a popular feature that was introduced in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but not GTA 5, and GTA 6 would do well to include it.

Because of the way Rockstar makes their games, it often feels like anything is possible Grand Theft Auto, whether it was the older games or the newer ones. This plays no small role in all the hype and rumors for Grand Theft Auto 6, but while Rockstar intends to look forward, the best way to do that is sometimes to look back. After all, not everything was actually possible in every game.

It is worth noting GTA 6 supposedly takes an incremental development method, which means that when launched, it will be moderate. Whether it is moderate in size compared to GTA 5 or to other similar games remains to be seen, but this will allow Rockstar to continually build on a presumably both single-player and multiplayer game for years to come. Whether it was built in or added shortly after, there is one mini-game Rockstar included in San Andreas but cut in GTA 5 that would be great for the next match.

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GTA San Andreas Basketball

To make an open game feel alive, the small details are not the big ones. This is something Rockstar knows, like Red Dead Redemption 2 is filled with small details. IN San Andreas, one way this happened was in the form of a basketball mini-game. Players could not play with others, but they could try to score lots of points, play on any court that had a ball (after a certain mission in some versions of the game), slam dunk and do tricks with the ball like CJ. It was popular because it was simple fun, which made the madness San Andreas calm down.

It may be a small detail, but the ability to play basketball did exactly what the small details should do: it bound players with its version of CJ, as well as the world around them. Grand Theft Auto 6The world can grow and change, it can mimic modern elements such as cryptocurrency, but it must bring all this to life. Basketball can help do just that.

GTA 5 Cut Basketball, but GTA 6 should not

Grand Theft Auto 5The source code has revealed cut content time and time again, with one of the times revealing basketball was originally intended for the game. The reason why it was cut is unclear, but assuming it was an updated version that could be played against NPCs, it could have further developed each character in the game. For example, Michael may have played more aggressively than Franklin, but Trevor may have struck fear in those he played with. This may have led to quite a few interesting scenarios, although these scenarios did not add much to the overall story.

It does not matter who the main character is in Grand Theft Auto 6 is, it does not matter when or where the game is set, and it does not matter what else the game comes packed with. Having a tiny little mini-game for basketball (and / or other little features that make the world feel alive), obviously updated since the days of San Andreas, could help push the depression and the world off GTA 6 just a little longer. Everything it must be is fun, and as many loved San Andreas basketball games, it’s already pretty much given.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is reportedly in development.

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