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Gran Turismo brand Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel appears on social media – GTPlanet

Pictures that seem to reveal Fanatec’s promised PlayStation 5 Direct Drive wheels have appeared on various social media over the weekend, and it looks like it will be an official Gran Turismo product as well.

Although it is not clear how the wheel ended up in circulation – although in one case it was suggested that the wheel was sold on the Facebook Marketplace – there have been two separate cases of users posting the wheel’s packaging that clearly shows both the name and design of unit.

The first appearance was on Reddit, in a post that was now deleted by the original author, while a second photo was posted on Twitter by a former GT Academy regional finalist:

It shows a mostly white box with PlayStation blue frames – a very different approach to the packaging than Fanatec’s usual – with a picture of the wheel rim and base printed on the side. The name of the box is “GT DD Pro”, with the “GT” part as the Gran Turismo logo.

This image shows a circular, but flat-bottomed rim in full size, which is quite decorated with buttons, but most interesting is the GT logo in the middle. Combined with the official PlayStation accessory packaging – found on PS5 headsets and controls – and the GT logo on the box, this strongly suggests that the wheel is set to be an official Gran Turismo product.

It is supported by the four controls marked with red, green, blue and yellow rings. These dials, which also appear on the Thrustmaster T-GT and T-GT II – the official wheel for Gran Turismo Sport corresponds to the controls contained in GT Sportmultifunction screen and allow adjustment of the individual functions without having to scroll.

In fact, in many respects the wheel rim is similar to the Thrustmaster item, rather than the usual Fanatec price. This may mean that the wheel is a pre-production test piece instead of the finished product, or that Polyphony Digital has great input on how the official GT wheel looks and is laid out.

Although the wheel itself is interesting, the base it is mounted has at least as much importance. The form appears to be identical to the recently unveiled CSL DD Wheel, a $ 350 direct-drive device that is only compatible with PC and Xbox, which means it is the announced but unveiled PlayStation 4/5 version of it the wheel. It is of course supported by the “DD Pro” name on the box.

For now, we do not know if the wheel is the real article or not, and Fanatec has not made any official statements yet. Look at this room for more as this develops.

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