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Gotham Knights release date possibly revealed

Revealed Warner Bros. Montreal only Gotham Knights Release Date? Back in August, the WB Games finally revealed the next thing Batman game, Gotham Knights. At that time, the game was announced for PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC and given a release window for 2021. And so far none of this has changed. We haven’t actually seen any of the game since. In a new tweet celebrating Christmas, however, it seems that the developer suggests that something happens in July.

The tweet comes the way of the official Gotham Knights Twitter account, and at the surface level, seems to have little significance. And that may be the case, but fans could not help but notice the dates on the poster̵

7;s smackdown in the middle of an accompanying photo. More specifically, the photo has an advertising poster for a circus, which will be in town from July 16 to July 21, Tuesday through Sunday.

Now these dates do not match 2021. Some fans think this is a hint that the game will come out sometime during this period, but it seems unlikely given that the dates do not match. July 16, 2021 is not a Tuesday, it’s a Friday, but this is where things get a little interesting. If you combine July 16 and July 21, you get July 16, 2021, which in turn is a Friday, the most common day for big games to drop. As a result, some fans think that this is a not so subtle nod and look at the game’s release date, or at least something of significance, like a new trailer or an announcement of the release date.

For now, take all this with a big grain of salt given that we are deep inside speculative territory. That said, it’s at least an interesting theory, though it’s hard to imagine Warner Bros. Montreal is this forward with a pea.

At the time of publication, neither Warner Bros. has Montreal or Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment commented on this speculation which makes the rounds in some capacity. If this changes, we will be sure to update the history with what is provided.

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