Google search is so ubiquitous and indispensable, the company name itself is used as a verb to describe the action. No real people “binge” anything, but we have all done a little “googling” in our time. And while we may all still be complaining about specific results, it has become incredibly, almost incredibly good at what it does. My own daily research for this particular job would have taken much longer without it. Google is now launching some changes to the About This Result feature that better describe accurately Why You see what you do in a given search, and reveal the machines behind something we probably all take for granted.

The change is based on the About This Result feature, which was launched earlier this year to better help you understand and veterinary information sources displayed in Search. At the time, it only showed you information about the linked site, taken from things like Wikipedia and Google’s own index to explain the site’s history and history. But from today, it expands to show you much more information.

The new feature will explain if a given result was affected by things like your current position, things you’ve looked at recently and often related terms – or if it’s even just keywords. Often there is much more than that, but Search can reveal such details so that you better understand a given result’s relevance to your query. And even better, this can give you that kind of feedback to get better with Googling.

In addition to explaining “why” you see what you do, the new details will also provide tips on how to improve your searches. Touch on some of the explanations behind why the results appeared if any of them did not match what you expected, and Google will explain how you can change your search to better control that aspect of it. It can be as simple as figuring out your language settings or as complicated as learning some of Google’s super-powerful semi-hidden commands.

Google search is a powerful but sometimes indescribable tool, and changes like these can make the seemingly mysterious abilities a little less mysterious – but probably nothing will ever eliminate the suspicion that it is somehow spying on you when the results are right and simply is too perfect. At least most of us have forgotten what it is like to go to the other side with results.