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Google will now recommend events near you based on your interests

Google makes it easier for users to check out what's happening around the city. Search now shows nearby events in a clean, convenient layout, and it also provides personalized recommendations. ( Google )

Google now offers a new way for users to see the latest shenanigans in their neighborhoods. Search now shows events based on user interests, with personal results and key information available right within the app.

With the update, users can now press an event and see a handy overview showing many important details. For example, if it is a show, Google shows when it happens, how to get there, and other relevant information. Users can also save events for later or continue to purchase tickets through third party providers. Everything is handled directly within Search, which means that users do not have to make unnecessary popups and redirects.

Personal Results for Events in Google Search

There is also a dedicated category called "For You" that brings up personal suggestions and trending events. This means that a person who visits wine and cheese festivals will see similar search results from time to time. Categories include driving, cooking, photography and others.

Not all events that will work with Search, but. Google states that they must format their content properly to ensure that their results are displayed correctly.

"We've made it easy for websites to mark their event lists so that they appear in this experience, with new listings updated quickly." Follow these guidelines to make sure events are detected, "Google said in a blog post. Sites can visit Google's event developer portal to learn things like formatting, content guidelines, and others.

Google Search Events Feature: When does it appear?

Google says it rolls out the function the next few days.

"Try to find the perfect dog meeting, local festival or must-see summer concert for you."

It's hard to imagine that Google replaces apps and services dedicated to events like Eventbrite, but the company's goal is clear that there will be some form of overlap, or at least it will make it easier for users to find events without having to resort to third parties. It seems to be Google's strategy for late-make Search does everything so users do not have to use other options. It's a slick tragedy, one that worked for China's WeChat, an app that basically can do almost anything.

Thoughts about the new events-key features of Google Search? Will it replace the current app or service you use to search for events around the city? As always, if you have something to share, please listen to them in the comments below!

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