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Google TV tests smaller app icons on the home screen

The best part of the Chromecast update is the Google TV interface that comes with it, but as with any Google product, the user interface may change over time. In early February, Google TV rolled out a revised home screen with much smaller app icons, but in early April, things have returned to normal.

The article was updated on April 3 after switching back to larger app icons.

In early February, some users saw a silent update of the Google TV home screen that adjusted the size of the app icons to where they are now significantly smaller. The Google TV Home screen displays apps on the “For You”

; main tab below two rows of content recommendations.

The difference was not easy to spot for a moment (which is probably intentional on the part of Google), but it is clear when you look closer. The app rows actually shrunk the size of the icons, making room for more icons while also slimming down the overall size of the row. Since its launch, this section has been able to display seven complete app icons as shown in the image above, but with this change it can display nine, as shown below.

Functionally, this does not change anything, but it does take some emphasis on apps and focuses it on the content recommendations that Google TV is so good at.

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At first, the change was not rolled out, only for a few Reddit users. Within a few days, the change rolled out to all Google TV users who at the time only included the new Chromecast.

Pr April 3, it appears that Google TV is resetting the icons on the home screen app to normal size icons. We saw the change on one of our own Chromecast devices, and friend of the place Joe Maring also noticed the change on Twitter.

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