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Google releases almost final Android P beta

Google has released the third beta to Android P, which will be a "near-final" look at the operating system before it's finished later this summer. Google engineering VP Dave Burke calls the latest beta an "early release candidate building" that "takes us very close to what you want to see in the final version of Android P."

It's not clear that this beta contains some new features – Burke only shows bug fixes and optimizations. The bigger deal here is for developers, since system behavior and APIs should be close to final state, so they can start testing programs and trust how they work.

And while it's usually not a good idea to test beta operating systems on your main device, if you have thought about it, this is when it will start to be a safer bet. Although Google does not promise a complete lack of errors in this building, it implies the fact that we are looking at an early release candidate. Most of the major changes and optimizations should be in place. Having said that, Google still has a month or two to go before the final release, so there are likely still improvements to come.

One thing to look for in the new beta: About Android's digital wellness features have come. They did not look in previous betas, despite being one of Ps's highest profile function. And they are not mentioned in the blog post; so it is possible that this is something that will be pushed for an update later this year, as next to the next round of Pixel devices.

Burke also announced that Android engineers team will host a Reddit AMA later this month, July 1

9, to answer "technical questions" about the new operating system.

To install Android P, follow our instructions from May when the first beta came out.

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