When the Pixel 3 debuted two months back, Google made sure its new flagship lineup was adorned with all the latest bells and whistles, introducing us to a whole bunch of new features in the process. From the get-go, we were curious to learn which of these might also make their way to older Pixel phones, and when. Over de afgelopen paar weken meer en meer hebben zich uitgebreid tot nieuwe apparaten, en de nieuwste to spread the love is Playground and its Playmoji packs, now formally available for the Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Pixel 2 XL.

Granted, Playground is not NEW-new, having evolved from the existing AR Stickers, but we have still been keeping an eye on what this refresh would mean for existing Pixel models. While sideloading used to be our only option for past-gen Pixels, as or now, users of all Pixel phones can install these apps straight through the Play Store.

The expanded availability is probably our biggest news here, but we also see that app itself get some minor UI tweaks. Beyond that, Google's introduction of a new Playmoji Travel pack, chock full of planes, trains, and all matter of conveyance. And to help spice up your holidays, Google's also giving the app a smattering of new holiday-themed stickers, ready to be dropped all over your pics.

You can check out the new Travel Pack as well as all existing Playmoji options in the Play Store, finally compatible across the entire Pixel phone family.

 Playground (was AR Stickers)
 Playground (was AR Stickers)
 Playground: Travel
 Playground (was AR Stickers) ] Playground: Travel
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