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Google Pixel slate Intel Core M3 vs I5: Use $ 200 savings to buy a keyboard

As I approached a month with Google Pixel Slate, I ordered an order for my own Intel Core m3 model while my Pixelbook sold at Swappa. There have been many questions about the performance difference in these two models, and after a few days I still have some noticeable differences, and I'm glad I was able to save $ 200 and get the Brydge G-Type keyboard with a total cost of combo box less than Core i5 Pixel Slate.

While I wanted a way to try to answer readers and listeners questions about Core m3 vs i5 models, it was Marques Brownlee who motivated me to create a video showing the performance of each of these Pixel Slate models. MKBHD posted a Google Pixel Slate rating, but it was not until the minute 6 of 9:32 that we learned he had bought the cheapest Pixel Slate with only 4GB of RAM and an Intel Celeron processor for $ 599. On his review, making it crystal clear, he tested the cheapest Pixel Slate as today's title causes one to think that all models of Pixel Slate are garbage and that's not what I and others have experienced.

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Marques was impressed with the Pixel Slate's hardware and said it had the potential to be a great laptop but he showed a lot of layers in the device. Given that Chromebook pixels from earlier and last year's Pixelbook were high definition machines for door-hard Google Chrome OS fans, Google may have been failing to release a low-device device without any important warnings.

The Intel Celeron model is available with 4GB and 8GB of RAM options, so it is possible to pay $ 1

00 more for twice the RAM to have helped with some of Law's problems Marques have seen. My MoTR podcast co-host, Kevin Tofel, is a Chromebooks expert who teaches me about these devices. He also wrote an article on the Celeron model and points out that comparing a $ 599 Pixel Slate to a $ 999 Apple iPad is not a comparison of apples and apples.

While Pixel Slate is being sold as a tablet, it is first a Chromebook focusing on the complete desktop version of the Google Chrome browser, while Apple has spent years refining the Apple iPad as a tablet's first device that has limited functionality like a desktop options.

In the video, I tried to do some of the same things as Marques with multiple apps and Chrome tabs running, scrolling text and video heavy web pages, rotating between portrait and landscape and more. I actually had 12 tabs / apps open while Marques only showed 8 so I pushed it a little more with the m3 and i5 models. As you can see in my video, there is no real difference in the performance of the m3 and i5 models, while both work as fast as you want and expect.

I'm not trying to convince anyone to buy a Pixel Slate over an iPad or Surface Pro device since we each have our own needs and desires. However, the Pixel Slate for me is almost perfect and has performed like a master since the day I started testing out the evaluation unit. I have no regrets with my Core m3 model and look forward to more comprehensive testing in the coming weeks and months.

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