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Google Pixel Slate hands-on review

THE MUCH RUMORED (and leaked) Google Chrome Slate appears to challenge the hugely successful Microsoft Surface and Apple iPad Pro with its flexible form factor and keyboard and pencil add-ons.

We were able to get a quick game with the Chrome OS device at launch – this is what we thought.

After much of the design language of last year's Google Pixelbook, but with a certain nod to its rivals, Chrome Slate is a pleasure to hold. Not too thick, not too thin. There is not a curved glass here, but rather a comfortable black design that is due to more than a curse similar to its namesake.

The screen takes up most of the property on the front, except the front burner. The 12.3in molecular monitor is designed to provide a more fluid frame change, which in turn should provide a more fluid-proofing experience.

Although the folio keyboard is officially intended to be a tribute to Pixelbook, we thought it had a lot in common with the latest Logitech bet with its rounded keys. The fact is, it looks good and docks more or less seamlessly thanks to magnets. Many of them.

It's a sexy animal, making no mistake.

Practical design is another thing, as it seems that Google has gone high on folio kickstands. We have never quite understood why these are so popular as they are specifically designed to make it harder to write on anything other than a table. We'd preferred something hinged.

It's not helped by how thin the keyboard is – it's beautiful, but is more inclined to jump up and down on a soft surface, like your step.

The pen is identical to last year's Pixelbook attachment. The only difference is that it is available in dark blue to match the keyboard.

The demo device we saw, so amazing for content. Both the monitor and speakers have been AI set to offer which Google requirements are the best possible content usage screen, and the light sensor actively adjusts the screen to fit the viewing environment.

And yes, that's all good. Is that the best? No, probably not, but based on a very fast look, we're sure that a few tweaks will make it hit the mark with most.

The new browser was a bit harder to squeeze down when the entire USP is learning what programs you probably need and moves them to the top of the list. This is a nice idea, but not a new one, and it will be interesting to see how Google's algorithms work here – it can be lousy.

What worried us a little was that the rotation of the device between vertical and horizontal was quite laggy and did not feel smoothly smooth. Of course, this is another software problem, but it's another example of something that would make us think twice about using this kind of money.

Features and Specifications
There are a number of different configurations for Pixel Slate. At the lower end there is a 4 GB / 32 GB or 8 GB / 64 GB setup, which has a Celeron processor. Yes, that's right – the entry level does not have a decent chipset.

If that's what you want, the Core m3 version (8GB / 64GB) is $ 749, Core i5 (8GB / 128GB) is £ 969 and i7 (16GB / 256GB) is £ 1549.

Remember are "from" prices that indicate that there may be package deals available, but as it means, it means that the full shebang will set you back $ 1849.

In stock – it's a tablet running Chrome OS with Android- apps, and at some point we should have Linux app compatibility and possible Windows dual boot, but without the last two it's an indecent price (and we thought Pixelbook was bad).

Other items in the note – 8MP cameras with wide viewing area on both sides, a fingerprint sensor on the power button, light sensors that set the monitor to the environment. The ports are two, both USB C with charging and 4K output.

First impression
It's too expensive. End of. If you're not keen on windows, the top end Huawei MediaPad is £ 350. Adjustment at least twice for Chrome OS device works just bonkers.

Yes, the screen is beautiful. Yes, the sound is above average. But when you're going to push it's a tablet. Google is doing well. Others are doing much, much better.

Of course, this is not the end of the case – we will make a full review when we have had more than ten minutes with it, in a quiet room. [19659002] But meanwhile, buy a surface. Download Chrome. μ

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