Pixel 3 XL has leaked to the left and right, and to put it easy people have not been satisfied with their massive notch. We will finally see the smaller Pixel 3 for the first time and it seems that this may be Pixel to get this year to many of you.

Historically, the smaller pixels have had big touches, but it changes with this third generation. The symmetrical, unintrusive top and bottom frames with the two front front speakers provide a non-XL pixel, which – I'll tell you – really pretty from the front. The back has the same design as Pixel 3 XL, which people seem to have mixed opinions on. Like its big brother, it will probably have wireless charging.

The leker here has taken the freedom to include more pictures showing the specifications. Unlike its predecessor, Pixel 3 has a rounded corner display and a 18: 9 aspect ratio. It is stated to reach 5.5, but, as we know, 18: 9 screen sizes can not be compared directly to 16: 9 characters The battery comes in at 2,915mAh, which is a slight improvement over the Pixel 2s 2.700mAh device.

I see that what I personally think most interesting is the camera layout in front. We have known that the Pixel 3's will have two cameras on the front, probably for biometric purposes, but this is the first time we both cameras are 8MP sensors, but while having a f / 1.8 aperture, the other is listed as both f / 1.8 and f / 2.2 Variable Blender technology has just made its debut on the Galaxy S9 + so it's very strange to see it on the front of Pixel 3. We leave it to those of you in the comments to guess why Google decided to do this. 19659005] One last bit of time: the cookie said In the comments, it is a test device for a non-Verizon carrier, which means that Big Red's exclusivity is likely to end this year. We are going to find out on October 4th or October 9th, but we are still over a month away from the disclosure. Hopefully, we'll get more of the smaller Pixel that have leaked in that time because it actually looks pretty attractive this year.