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Google Pixel 3 buyers report late shipment without eTA

Despite some initial issues, Google Pixel 3 was a big deal in recent weeks, thanks to partially big discounts for Black Friday and Thanksgiving. Early adopters have mixed feelings toward them, but at least they have already got their devices. Many of those who bought a Pixel 3 during the campaigns, however, realize delayed shipments without explanation.

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Over the past few days, many new Pixel buyers have turned to the web to vote their frustration with this particular issue. Apparently, many of these users currently see their Pixel 3 shipment delayed without any clear reason or explanation from the company. Reports of this can be seen in Google Product Forums, we have received tips from many readers about it, and a significant Reddit thread is ongoing with dozens of separate reports.

For those affected, the story goes as follows: The order was submitted once during Google's last selection of campaigns from either the Google Store or Google Fi. After the purchase, an arrival time was calculated. Shortly thereafter, the orders were changed to late, so buyers did not have ETA when the new phone was coming.

From our digging in these threads we can not find any clear patterns on what triggers the delay. Many users notice to order the base 64GB "Just Black" model of a device, but others also affected "Clear White" models and other storage levels. Some users notify themselves to order more devices and see a device ship, but not another. Fees have been reviewed for these devices, but shipping status is kept in limbo. Google's support responses to these customers are generally just patient and awaiting it.

A Google community administrator has responded to this issue on Google Product Forums, but again, the only advice for those who have affected it is to wait it. [19659007] Delayed Device Transmissions and Alerts

If you wonder when your phone arrives, you're sure to receive an email with delivery date details. Note that, unfortunately, Google Store Support does not have any additional information about your shipment, so you do not need to reach the Google Store support for further details. Once you receive your order tracking number, this will be your best indication of package delivery date. We will always update you with any changes in delivery date by email. Thank you for your patience.

We have come to Google for a statement in the case and will update this article in accordance with if / when the company responds. If you have been affected by this problem, please leave a comment below and let us know when you ordered and which device you ordered. Hopefully, Google will soon address this issue.

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