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Google Photos integration with the Chrome OS Files app may soon be possible

As reported by Android Police today, it has been two years since Google pulled Google Drive and Photos Sync, leaving those who relied on this feature with no choice but to come up with solutions and time-consuming solutions. That may soon change, as a couple of new commitments have been discovered in Chromium Gerrit that suggest some work is being done to bring this functionality back; but not exactly the same way.

[filesapp] Show only Images volume in the file selector.

The Google Photos volume should only appear when you pick files in Chrome OS, and hidden when you browse or pick files in ARC.

BUG = 1


[filesapp] Add a welcome banner for Android Photos

View a welcome banner for the volume of Android Photos DocumentsProvider. The banner is displayed up to 3 times unless it is rejected.

BUG = 1171651

The above commitments include a welcome banner for Android Photos (erm, Google Photos?) DocumentsProvider volume, as well as a rule that only shows the above volume when picking files in Chrome OS. This sounds like the opposite of what # arc-file-picker-experiment flags do right now, which adds the Photos volume to ARC – the sandbox Android framework that runs inside Chrome OS – as shown in the screenshot below.

Furthermore, the code confirms this users will be able to access Google Photos directly from File Manager – not with a Drive sync like it was before – as long as the Google Photos Android app is installed on your Chrome OS device. This may finally be the solution Chrome OS users have been waiting for a long time. We will have to wait and see how this works once it is implemented, but it has come a long way and a source of frustration for many. We will update as we learn more about this new feature.

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