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Google Pay Rewards and Refunds; what is available?

Google Pay is a useful way to pay in stores without a physical card and to exchange money between friends, but having been updated in late 2020, it can do more. You can earn a lot of cashback and rewards with the new Google Pay app – here’s what promotions are available now and how to use them.

This article is constantly updated with the latest Google Pay promotions available in the US.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay has three purposes. First, it’s the core of how NFC payments are handled on Android smartphones worldwide. The payment option in the store only allows you to pay with your smartphone instead of pulling out your wallet. Tidy!

Second, Google Pay handles all of your payment options associated with your Google Account. This includes credit and debit cards, linked payment methods like PayPal, and even bank accounts that you can use to pay for subscriptions with Google and third-party apps and sites through Google Pay.

Finally, Google Pay is also an app similar to Venmo and the Cash App by Square, which allows users to send payments to their peers and receive funds as well. Beyond that, the app allows users to track their usage habits by connecting to a bank account. It shows where you spend your money and gives you tips as well. The app can even find specific purchases based on useful keywords. Used to its full potential, it is a very powerful app. Google has an overview of everything on YouTube.

Google Pay Rewards: What’s Currently Available?

Beyond these core features, however, there is a collection of rewards, referrals and refund offers that can let Google Pay make money for you.

Google Pay Spring Challenge – Valid until May 3rd

Through April and May 2021, Google Pay offers a special rewards program that challenges users to collect “stickers”, which are earned through various in-app tasks. You can collect stickers from tasks such as payment in the store, send payments to contact, invite people to Google Pay and try different features in the app. Redeeming refund offers and even sending stamps to other people can help you earn this Google Pay reward with $ 30 winnings to complete all the challenges.

The Google Pay Spring Challenge reward runs from April 12 to May 3.

Google Pay Referral Rewards – May 4

You can always earn free cash from Google Pay referral rewards, but sometimes the rewards increase. From April 27 to May 3, 2021, Google Pay will increase referral credit from their normal $ 5 to $ 15.

These rewards are achieved by sending a referral link to someone who has never used Google Pay before, at least the new app. When they download the app, sign in with their Google account and make some kind of financial purchase or payment, both parties get a credit. The referrer will receive $ 15 during this boosted referral period, while the new user will receive $ 5 added to their account. However, there is a three referral limit for the bonus, so you will only be able to earn $ 45 at most. You can read more about this current reward here.

Last updated April 29, 2021

How can I get a refund in Google Pay?

Cashback is perhaps the easiest way to make free money when using Google Pay. Powered by Rakuten, these refund options are available through many different online and brick retailers. These refund offers can be redeemed by accessing the Google Pay app on the “Explore” tab on the left. As you scroll down the page, you see various refund offers that specify the merchant, where they can be redeemed, and how much repayment you get in the form of Google Pay credits.

To redeem a credit, simply tap the “+” icon to the right to activate the offer. You also need to link a qualified card to Google Pay to take advantage of these different offers. When one is active, all you need to do is complete the purchase to reap the benefits. Almost any card connected to Google Pay can be used for refund offers.

During the week of April 26, 2021, some of the best Google Pay refund offers include:

  • Etsy – 20% refund on all $ 35 + transactions
  • Lift – 10% refund on all Lyft trips
  • Lululemon – $ 20 cashback on any purchase over $ 100
  • Panera – 15% refund of $ 10+
  • Warby Parker – 20% cashback online or in store at $ 50+

Where can I get Google Pay?

Google Pay is available for free and is primarily designed to be used on your smartphone. You can download the app on Android and iOS, the Android version that also supports NFC payments on compatible smartphones. You can only use Google Pay on one device at a time.

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