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Google One: What it is, membership fee, how much storage space you get and more


Here’s what you need to know about Google One.

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Google One, formerly known as Paid Google Drive Storage, is Google’s cloud storage service that has existed since 2018. But you may have just considered signing up for the service recently, as Google said it will soon Limit unlimited free storage in Google Photos to 15 GB, encourages people to join Google One for more space.

Signing up for a Google One membership will get you 100 GB of space to use on Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos for $ 2 a month. You also get access to a number of other features, such as automatic backup your Android device’s photos, messages, and contacts.

Here’s everything you need to know about Google One, including membership prices, storage amounts, family plans and more.

What is Google One? How is it different from Google Drive?

Google One is a monthly subscription service that gives you extended cloud storage, which you can use across Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos. Meanwhile, Google Drive is a free storage service where you can keep up to 15 GB of files and photos. Google One replaced Google Drive storage plans in 2018 – so now, if you want more space in Google Drive on top of your free 15 GB, you’ll have to pay for a Google One plan.

Google One is available through your browser or in the Google One app. The app is not one must to use Google One, but depending on the level of storage you purchase and what you plan to use it for, it may improve the service and make it easier to use.


Google One can give you rewards from the Google Store.

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How do I sign up for Google One?

To sign up, go to the Google One website and make sure you are signed in to the Google Account you want to use. You can point around and it should tell you that you currently have the standard 15 GB of storage. It also shows how much of 15 GB you have already used and in what way (Google Drive, Gmail or Google Photos). From there, you can either stick to the 15 GB free level or choose a plan.

There are six different levels you can sign up for, starting with the 100 GB level for $ 2 a month, which Google recommends. If you click on it, Google will confirm your purchase with the card you registered (or your Google Play balance). From there, click Subscribe and you are ready. Added bonus – you also get a few Google Play points.

How much does Google One cost? Is it a free trial?

The cost of Google One depends on the storage level you have chosen. It’s not a free trial in itself, but Google Drive typically has 15 GB of storage with an associated monthly fee. To sign up for Google One for more than the standard free 15GB service, take a look at the different storage levels and prices:

  • 100 GB: $ 2 a month or $ 20 annually
  • 200 GB: $ 3 a month or $ 30 annually
  • 2 TB: $ 10 a month or $ 100 annually
  • 10 TB: $ 100 a month
  • 20 TB: $ 200 a month
  • 30 TB: $ 300 a month

Many of the features of Google One are easily accessible through the app.

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What do I get with each Google One membership plan?

Each Google One membership level offers a little more than the previous one. Here’s what each plan offers:

100 GB, $ 2 monthly plan

For $ 2 a month (or $ 20 a year) you get 100 GB of storage for use on Disk, Gmail and Photos. You also have 24/7 access to a team of Google experts for technical questions and emergencies via chat or email. With a Google One membership, you can also share your plan with up to six family members, so everyone can take advantage of extra storage in their individual Google accounts.

The subscription also has additional benefits, including free and discounted content on hotels or Google Stadiums, some of which can be redeemed by family members with whom you have shared your plan. It will too backed up automatically Android phone photos, videos, messages and contacts.

200 GB, $ 3 monthly plan

In addition to the benefits of the 100 GB subscription, 200 GB subscribers get more storage space in addition to an additional membership benefit: 3% cash back on purchases in the Google Store.

2 TB, $ 10 monthly plan

When you subscribe to the 2 TB storage plan, you get all the same membership benefits with the two previous plans, along with additional benefits of up to 10% cash back in the Google Store. Subscribers at this level also get a VPN for their Android phone. There is also a campaign that expires on December 23 where subscribers can get it for free Google Nest Mini if you buy the annual plan ($ 100 a year).

Other plans

To access 10TB, 20TB or 30TB, you must already be a Google One member – that is, you must have paid for one of the previously listed levels. These are large amounts of storage, and it is highly unlikely that the average person will need them. When you are a subscriber, the last three levels differ from the 2TB plan only in terms of storage size.

How does Google One VPN work?

If you use 2 TB or higher plans, you can access VPN from Google One. VPN is built into the Google One app, and is meant to provide an extra layer of security when you are online. Under the Home tab in the app, scroll down to Enable VPN. On the next screen, just swipe the switch to turn it on.

In addition, Google offers One Pro Sessions so you can schedule sessions with Google Experts to learn more about VPN and online security. (Check out all the VPN services CNET recommends here.)

How do I share my membership with family members?

With your paid Google One membership, you can create a group of up to five family members to share your plan with. When you create a family group, people in that group can access Google Family Calendar, Family Keep, Google Assistant, Family Link, YouTube Premium Plans (if you subscribe), Google Play Family TV and more.

To start adding people, open Google One in your browser or app. You can add family members to the home screen in the browser, it will be below Settings tab> Manage Family Settings> Manage Family Group in the app.

Just select Invite Family Members, click the “+” sign and enter each person’s email. Click send to send the invitation to your family member, who will have a little over a week to respond. When they accept it, you will see their profile picture appear next to yours as a member, and you will see how many invitations you have left.

To remove someone, just click on their profile and select Remove member. You can also share your parental privileges by tapping Manage Parental Privileges. To remove the family group while under Manage Family Group, click the Settings icon at the top right and select Delete Family Group.

How do I find and use my membership benefits?

To take advantage of your membership benefits, you can choose Benefits in the Google One app or in the browser version. When I signed up for the 100 GB plan, there was a list of up to 40% discounts on hotels. You can click Learn more to see how to search for hotels to see how to use them. Google One also notes that there are always more benefits. If you click on the distribution log, an overview of the benefits you have redeemed is displayed.

How do I chat with Google experts?

For a little extra help, click on the Support tab in Google One. Experts are available 24/7. Choose the language you are more comfortable speaking in, whether you prefer chat or email, and fill out the form generated. One of the Google experts will be in touch afterwards.

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How do I cancel Google One or change plans?

If you sign up for a Google One plan and realize that there is not enough – or too much – storage, it is easy to adjust your plans in your browser or through the app.

To change plans in the app, select Settings and Change membership plan. From there, you can move between larger, smaller, monthly or annual plans to meet your needs.

To change your browser plan, go to the Google One website and make sure you are signed in to the correct Google Account. Click Storage on the left side of the screen, then select Get More Storage, or scroll down for more options. Select the plan you want and follow the on-screen instructions to confirm. You can also go to Settings and select Change membership plan.

To cancel your Google One membership, go to Settings – in your browser or in the app – and select Cancel membership.

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