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Google offers personalized app discounts to some Play Store users

Last month, Google offered some Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL owners free Play Store credit. Google Play is now running a similar app discount available only to specific users based on previous purchase history. However, there is a fairly high threshold for this deal in some cases.

To determine if you are one of the users selected for this offer, go to the Play Store's Home tab on Android and browse to a yellow banner displayed. For some, this card notices "$ 5 to spend on all apps or games," with "Terms applicable" below it.

This disclaimer is an important aspect of the agreement with an app, game or app purchase that costs $ 20 or more required for the discount to apply. This 25% discount is generous when you buy a game in the game, but there are not as many Android apps coming in at $ 20. Meanwhile, Google notes that "subscription subscription is excluded."

By pressing the banner, this agreement is stored on your account and presents a page explaining the terms and conditions and linking to full terms. This screen also offers a collection of apps that mainly contain IAP, such as Pokemon Go and Candy Crush.

There are other variations to this deal, including $ 1

0 of $ 30 (33%) and a more reasonable $ 2 of $ 10 (20%) that most users will likely prefer.

Interestingly, Google notes that this is only "open to choosing participants based on their purchase history." Not all members of our team see this agreement. Users must save the offer by January 2, 2019, with credit expiring after 30 days. You can return to this page by going to Account in the navigation drawer and then on the "Rewards" tab.

We had a difficult time finding apps over $ 20, please comment below if anyone comes to mind. 19659008] Check out 9to5Google on YouTube for more news:

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