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Google Messages end-to-end encryption, pinned and rolling out star messages

Last month, we saw that some users started receiving access to the features of Google Messages for Android. Pinned Messages allow users to hold specific conversations at the top of their inbox for quick access, and star messages allow you to quickly jump to specific texts that contain important information – even for quick reference. Although similar, these two tools serve very different purposes.

Now both are finally rolling out to users over the next few weeks. Soon it will be easier than ever to keep track of important data snippets such as food orders, groceries and more with a star – no matter what someone sends you, you may be too busy throwing in a Keep note. To complement the release of the lead role, Google has uploaded a video on the official Android Youtube channel describing the use cases, and you can watch it below. To star a message, press and hold it and select the star at the top of the conversation thread. Additionally, if you keep your friends and family above the verification code messages you always receive while trying to sign in to your accounts on other devices, it will become part of the message.


Another important rollout this week is end-to-end encryption for RCS chat. Google now makes it possible for everyone on Android to chat more securely. Once you and the person you are chatting with have both enabled e2e encryption, your messages will be protected as they travel from one phone to another (see video below). It is important to note that this only works for one-on-one conversations, not for group chats. It’s amazing to see Google take this into their own hands with RCS, as many operators have proven to be an obstacle to a worldwide implementation so far.

Finally, a new feature has appeared for many users, and it also rolls out with the application v8.3.026 – clip to zoom to change the font size! This is actually very welcome for those who do not want to go to the settings on the phone and change the display settings. You can see below in the video from Android Police that if you squeeze or spread your fingers on the screen while in a message thread, the whole conversation will change the flow intelligently when the text size changes.


Google Messages are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with, and they continue to add features that benefit users worldwide. At this speed, Google can easily have something on its hands that is comparable to iMessage, but for users of Android and Chrome OS. I know it’s a battle word, but you can not deny the level of polish and care that went into the app’s development over the last year or two. Now we only need message categories to roll out, so I’ll be happy!

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