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Google Maps weather reports and crash reports appear in the test

Google is testing new features in Google Maps as the featured offers are already available in Waze. The company is looking at both speed warnings and crash reports, both of which are available in its second transport app. Some users have access to these reports now, but it is unclear how many people see them now.

Waze, a transport app, climbed in popularity because of unique features that were not found in competing products. Users can (and may still) report when they see a police crusher mark, for example, giving other users a warning to slow down before they get caught. The special feature has proven to be controversial with law enforcement.

Additionally, Waze users can report crashes and similar issues along the way, allowing the app to alert other drivers of the security risk as they approach. Google announced plans to buy Waze back in 201

3, and users expected to see that features from the app migrate on Google Maps.

Google clearly began to test the two new features at one point in the relatively recent past; It occurred only after some users had seen the new reports. A user who goes after "Frasmac" posted about the test on Google Maps subreddit, where they said they are in Australia. Another user, also from Australia, chimed in saying that they also see the feature.

According to users who see the feature, Google Maps asks to confirm if a previously reported crash is still present when approaching the site. Users can also report a speed trap, but say they do not get the ability to confirm their presence. As with all tests, Google may not distribute the features for everyone. Assuming that it is done, there is no indication as to when they may be available.

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