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Google Maps Finally Killer Feature Everybody Wanted

Let’s be honest about it: many of us trust Google Maps more than we really should, and we often rely on it blindly to reach a specific goal.

In 99 percent of cases, Google Maps is surprisingly accurate, and even helps us easily find a parking space. Starting this week, the application will have a new feature that will make parking much more convenient for everyone.

Google adds support for parking payments directly in Google Maps, with users being allowed to pay for the meter using Google Pay, as long as it is configured on their smartphone. In other words, as you approach your parking lot, Google Maps launches the payment interface, allowing you to enter the meter number, how much you want to spend in the parking lot, and that̵

7;s quite a lot.

The new feature currently works with Passport and ParkMobile, and is obviously only offered in the US. Most likely, Google is already working on bringing it to other regions.

In terms of payments, Google has announced that users can also pay for transit rates from Google Maps as long as they use one of the 80 supported agencies worldwide. So theoretically you no longer need to get a ticket in the traditional way, but pay for it directly from Google Maps using your Google Pay account.

Without a doubt, the payment integration in Google Maps makes everything more convenient, especially for drivers who can thus spend less time worrying about parking and paying for it.

The parking payment integration is available today on Android in more than 400 cities in the US, and Google says that the same option is expected to be launched soon on the iPhone. When it comes to paying for transit, the feature will basically be exclusive to Android devices and will come live in the coming weeks.

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