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Google Lens comes to desktop Chrome as an image search tool

Google Lens, Google’s AI-powered image recognition service, was rolled out to Andriod phones back in 2017 as a spiritual successor to Google Goggles. But until this year, it remained exclusively available on mobile phones. Earlier in April, we saw Google expand the Google Photos service on our desktop. However, it was not very useful, as it only allowed users to copy texts from images through optical character recognition (OCR). But that changes soon Google finally brings Google Lens’ visual search tool to its desktop via the Chrome browser.

In the latest version of Google Chrome for PC, the context menu (via 9to5Google) when you right-click on an image, a new option “Search image with Google Lens”

; will now appear. The Google Lens integration comes as a replacement for the “Google Image Search” option, which has long allowed Chrome users to visually search images by uploading them to Google Image Search and viewing relevant web and image results.

When you search for an image with the new Google Lens integration, you will be taken to lens.google.com/search. Here you will see relevant images and search results with your uploaded image displayed on the left side. Just like the mobile version, the tool also allows you to crop or focus on a specific part of the image.

It should be noted that the mobile version of Chrome has had Google Lens-driven image search integration for a while now.

According to a recently merged commitment in Chromium Gerrit, it looks like a future version of Chrome will also add a new context menu option that allows the user to search a selected area of ​​the Google Lens page. This will allow you to select text in Chrome and search in Lens.

Google’s Reverse Image Tool comes as part of Google Chrome 92, which recently began rolling out. However, the integration is not live for everyone yet, and it will probably roll out via a server switch. I updated my Chrome browser to v92, but still got the old “Google Image Search” option in the context menu.

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