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Google is retesting Play Store settings

According to AndroidPolice, Google is running an A / B test on the Play Store. Some minor work is already underway to move the contents of the burger menu to the account changer. But based on screenshots taken by AndroidPolice, Google is also working on the app’s settings page with the goal of making it easier to use. The new settings page is divided into four submenus: General, User Controls, Family and About.
All four can be expanded by pressing the down arrow near each category. Of the four sections, the only new Family is that contains a new Parental Guide and the Parental Controls feature that is now in User Controls. The family section from the hamburger menu can also be found there. So yes, most family-related listings are moved to the new Family section.

The point is a cleaner settings page that, as we mentioned above, makes things easier to use. Still, if you count the number of cranes it takes to get you where you want to go, you may need to count an extra one. But when you get to the category you need, it will be faster to find the exact listing; The combination can still save you some time.
If you hope to see this test on your Android phone, you have a better shot at winning the lottery. Not only do we not know how wide it is Google is testing this, but there is an update on the server side which means you can not enable it. everything is up to the whim of Google. And of course, if the testing does not meet Google’s hopes, the entire update can be scrapped and never meet the light of day.

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