Google’s Stadia game streaming platform still hangs in there, but it still has not lived up to any of the original goals. The available library is limited (compared to other platforms), there will be no first-party games developed by Google, and Stadia̵

7;s ambitions for 4K games did not quite materialize. The company is now facing a possible lawsuit over 4K gaming claims.

A 42-page breach of contract has been filed in the Eastern Court District of New York, against Google, Bungie (developers of Destiny 2), and Id Software (Doom, Quake, etc.). The submission alleges “unfair and misleading commercial practices regarding the advertised screen quality and resolution of video games distributed by Google Stadia,” and states that various executives in all three companies made false claims about most or all games running on 4K.

Google Stadia is technically capable of streaming games in 4K, but the feature was limited to one device (Chromecast Ultra) until March 2020, when Stadia’s web client added 4K support. However, many graphically demanding games are actually rendered with lower resolution. Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption 2 maximizes 1440p / 30FPS, according to research from Digital Foundry. Google and Id Software originally promised that Doom Eternal would run on “real 4K”, but just before the game was released, Bethesda (Id’s parent company) said that the game would be scaled up from 1800p. It’s a higher graphics quality than Doom Eternal on PS4 Pro, but it’s still not true 4K.

Id Software’s Marty Stratton Promising “True 4K”

The lawsuit seeks “compensation damages”, “repayment and disposal of the defendant’s income,” “return of all money acquired by the defendant,” “criminal damages”, “attorney’s fees, expenses and recoverable costs”, “waste of all profits, benefits and other compensation, “and an injunction prohibiting future sales of games purchased through Stadia. It is incredibly unlikely that most things will happen, but there may be a settlement with a small payout at the end.