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Google is facilitating the recently released Chrome OS 91 update

A few weeks have passed for Google and Chrome OS users. July started with a step-by-step update that inadvertently shattered the CPUs of a wide range of Chromebooks. Google quickly stopped the update, but it resulted in the unintentional destruction of the Linux container. For most users, this unfortunate situation was easily navigated with a few, simple tricks. While the actual bug behind the issue was never officially reported, Google quickly patched the issue and pushed the fixed version out with relatively little fuss.

Unfortunately, last week a new minor update brought with it a small code error that caused catastrophic headaches for countless users. The culprit was a single line of code in the file that allows Chrome OS to decrypt your credentials. A small “&”

; omitted by a conditional statement brought down the entire operating system for users, and the only solution was to reset Chrome OS, resulting in a full power outage and loss of local data stored on the device. For some, it’s not a problem, as many of us used to live in the Google ecosystem keeping things in sync with the cloud. That said, this is not the case for many users. This gave a serious riddle. Wait for a solution or power wash and chalk up the wallpaper.


The missing “&” that took down Chrome OS 91

Fortunately, as Android Police reported, Google has already rolled out a solution for the cached code, and you can update your device without signing in to your Google Account. Version 91.0.4472.167 began rolling out to all eligible devices today, and it contains the corrected code line to fix the login issue. If you were one of the patients waiting for Google to get a solution, you can now take the latest update by entering guest mode on your device via the button at the bottom left of the login screen. From there, click the system tray and gear icon to access the Chrome OS settings.

In the settings, click “About Chrome OS” and press the “Check for Updates” button. Once the update is downloaded, you will be prompted to restart your device. At this point, if all goes well, you should be able to sign in to your Chromebook with your main information. As I mentioned, it seems that most eligible Chrome OS devices get the update, but you can check your specific device by going to the update table at cros.tech.


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