Google confirmed earlier this month that they discontinued the large Home Max smart speaker. The company now recommends people buy two Nest Audio speakers and plug them into stereo mode for a similar experience, but if you still want the real deal, Google has now launched Home Max for possibly the last time.

The Google Max Home Store home page still says that the speaker is “sold out”

;, but you can add it to your shopping cart for $ 179. Only the charcoal color seems to be available, not the chalk version. It’s not the cheapest speakers ever (Home Max was $ 150 during Black Friday), but $ 179 is still a reasonable price for the sound quality and volume offered.

Google previously said it would continue to support Home Max with software updates, but if you do not want to take the company’s word, there’s an additional port on the back. When Home Max stops working as a smart speaker, you will still be able to connect other devices for playback.