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Google has recently worked with health and fitness assistant called Google Coach – BGR

Back in 2014, Google and Apple launched health and fitness platforms for their respective mobile operating systems. While Apple's HealthKit API and Health Applet turned out to be ultimately the key to Apple Watch's success, the Google Fit app failed to make such an impact and faded to relatively unclear.

Surprisingly, Google is not pleased with that result, and so the company is eventually working with a new healthcare assistant, AI Assistant, called Google Coach. According to Android Police Google Coach is more than just a training tracking and encourages you to stay active all day long. Using the data Google collects about your health, the assistant will recommend workout sessions, follow your progress and give you ideas on what to do next.

In addition to providing exercise recommendations and tracking your activity at the gym, Google Coach will also help you monitor your diet and will even provide healthy meal suggestions. If you're out, Google Coach can show you towards a restaurant with healthy choices. If you're home, Google Coach can offer a meal plan and even send a shopping list to your email so you can collect the necessary items.

Like Android Police points out this sounds like a worrying amount of messages, but Google has apparently worked on a system of "conversation alerts" that will group more alerts to one: drink a glass of water, get take your steps for the day and do not forget to take your medicine.

The Android Police source says that Google will focus on Wear OS for the first rollout of Google Coach, but that it will support Android phones as well. As always, Google may end up changing its plans down the road or completely shred Google Coach, but it's clear that Google needs to update its health and fitness strategy.

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