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Google happens to be called “Pixel 6” and “Pixel 6 XL” in developer form

A fun slip-up that probably doesn’t matter

We already know that Pixel 6 is coming, and we already know that it will be offered in two different models: a standard and “Pro” variant. We’ve seen the design, heard the top-level specifications, know some of the new internals, and continue to learn more about the Android 12 software, but every now and then we learn bits and pieces about the device thanks to Google themselves. Today’s…. “Leakage” is an informal naming of Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 XL.

Earlier today, Google launched the Games Developer Summit 2021. At the event, Google unveiled new tools for Android game developers, the most important of which is Google Play̵

7;s new “play as you download” feature for Android 12 devices. Another new feature exclusive to select Android 12 devices is the game dashboard, an overlay that provides access to key tools and allows the user to change the game’s performance profile through new game mode APIs.

In the developer documentation for the new game mode API, Google describes “game mode interventions”, which are game-specific optimizations set by OEMs. Games can implement Game Mode API behaviors, suggest Game Mode intervention settings to OEMs, or opt out of Game Mode interventions. Developers are encouraged to reach out to OEMs with their suggested game mode intervention values, and that includes Google itself. Google has launched a Pixel Device Game Mode Intervention Request form, and one of the questions is asking developers which devices the WindowManager backbuffer resizes intervention settings. As an example, Google shows Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 XL, two devices that have not been released yet.

Google Pixel 6 named

Although this “leak” does not prove the name (many believe the larger model will be called Pixel 6 “Pro”), it is still amusing to see that Google recognizes its next devices so randomly. This can of course be a typo, and no matter which Google wrote this form, it may have meant writing “Pixel 4” and “Pixel 4 XL” instead (after all, there is no Pixel 5 XL).

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