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Google Go search engine for emerging markets can now read content on the site – TechCrunch

Google has featured the news canon at its annual India event taking place in New Delhi today. The search giant announced changes to his Tez payment service and also introduced a subtle AI driven feature for his Google Go application: webpage reading. You can bet that this is the first of many product messages coming today.

The US company introduced Google Go – which is essentially a data search application for emerging markets ̵

1; last year, and this new feature has been developed to increase its appeal across India, especially for non-English audiences.

A fast refresh: Hindi and English are the official national languages ​​in India, but its billion-plus population is vastly diverse, with over 20 other languages ​​recognized. Most of those living in India are comfortable with English, but businesses are increasingly aware that they need to accommodate other tongues in order to offer even basic online services to the rest (majority) of the country.

Google is not & # 39; t alone by adopting this approach – it's actually a relative laggard – but now it's trying to translate the web with this new Google Go feature.

Google said that the add-on could make the website read just like watching TV or listening to the radio. The function reads text in one of 28 supported languages ​​while marking each word on the page as it goes. The company said that it uses AI to find out the most important information on a website and also to play it back in each language.

There are obvious uses for activities that draw attention away from reading such as cooking, but more generally, the feature is seen as part of Google's overall approach to making information more accessible to those who are relatively inexperienced when it comes to use of the internet.

"The new feature is inspired by user research in India, where we heard from people how important it is to understand information without any problems. Especially for people coming online for the first time, it may be difficult and time consuming to use long-term text on a small device. With this new feature, you can simply tap games and follow, the company says in a statement.

It is suggested that ways to add the feature to other Google apps in the future became it set. [19659009]
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