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Google+ for G Suite lives on and gets new features – TechCrunch

You thought Google+ was dead, right? And that's – if you're a consumer. But the business version of Google's social networking will continue in the foreseeable future – and it will get a host of new features today.

Google+ for G Suite is not so different from Google+ for consumers, but the focus is very much on allowing users in a company to share information easily. Current users include such as Nielsen and the French dealer Auchan.

The new features Google announces today provides administrators with more tools for managing and reviewing posts, allowing employees to tag content and provide better engagement statistics for posters.

Recently, Google introduced the ability of admins to add more groups of users to a Google+ community, for example. And soon, these admins could better assess and moderate posts from their employees. Soon, administrators will also be able to define custom streams so employees can access a stream of all posts from a company's management team, for example.

But what might be more important in this context is that the brands now make it easy for employees to lead content to everyone in the business, no matter what group they work in. "Even though you do not know all employees in an organization, It's easy to edit content for the right people, "says the company. explains in today's blog post. "Soon you will be able to prepare posts and see suggested codes, such as #research or # customer insight when you enter customer survey results."

As far as the new calculations are concerned, there is nothing so exciting here, but G Suite customers who retain the reporting structure in the service will be able to provide analytics to employees so they can see how posts are viewed across the company and which teams use the most with them.

At the end of the day, none of these are revolutionary features. But the time of today's announcement is certainly not a coincidence when Google announced the death to the consumer version of Google+ – and the data breaks that came with it – just a few days ago. Today's announcement is clearly meant to be a reminder that Google+ for business does not go away and is still in active development. I do not think all the many companies are currently using Google+, and with Hangouts Chat and other tools, they now have many opportunities to share content across groups.

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