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Google finally added a way to check how much time you waste at its most addictive service – BGR

In a preventive setback to society's growing concern that our lives are being destroyed by digital addiction, technological giants eventually make childrens steps to improve our "digital well-being." The first step, as you expect, is to figure out how big the problem is and that means new tools in iOS and Android 9 that allow you to monitor how much time you're struggling with different services.

Google today expands these stats to YouTube, without a doubt, the most addictive product. "Our goal is to better understand the time offered on YouTube so you can make informed decisions about how you want YouTube to work best in your life," wrote the company in its blog post.

The kernel of Change is a new title of time in your account that you can access via the YouTube app on iOS or Android. Right now there does not appear to be a way to access it via the browser. The time that looks extends only up to the last seven days, so if you want to track bingeing habits for a long time, you need to register the data somewhere else.

According to the YouTube timeframe, the time you only reflect on videos and YouTube TV shows you've watched while signing in to YouTube with your user account does not take into account things you've seen in incognito or deleted from your watch (yes, kids, there are still ways around this). It does not include time spent watching YouTube Music.

You can also restrict YouTube push notifications to a daily digestion, which is good regardless of your mental health condition.

Finally, there's also a way to add a "friendly reminder" to take a break when you've seen too much YouTube on the day:

Remind yourself of a break: When you know How much time you spend in the app, you might want to set a limit. It's easy to lose time when you're having fun, so we'll help you set up a reminder to take a break. Just switch to your settings and choose the amount of YouTube time that suits you. Once you've hit that limit, a friendly reminder will appear on the screen.

There is still no replacement for an angry parent or partner who physically shreds your device and forces you to interact with the real world, but at least it's a start.

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