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Google device hits the FCC, possibly the new Nest Cam

A new Google device, which may be an upcoming Nest Cam, went through the FCC late Sunday night. It is officially referred to as a “Wireless Streaming Device”, a description that the company has not previously used.

The G3AL9, which fits the company’s new model number form, specifically has a physical FCC ID located on the “back of the device”, indicating that no screen is present. There is Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Recent devices with “streaming” in the description include Nest Mini and Chromecast with Google TV.

The test reports note that the power supply is a “3.65Vdc rechargeable Li-polymer battery or 5V from AC / DC adapter.”


A possible candidate for G3AL9 is a new Nest Cam since Google already promised a “new series of security cameras for 2021” as part of “investing in new innovations.” Nest Cam IQ Outdoor was sold out at the beginning of the year, with Cam IQ Indoor recently following on the Google Store. Such a device streams, but does not have a screen. Battery power expands where a security camera can be placed in the home, working to provide backup power.

The first new Google device to receive FCC certification this year was the 2nd generation Nest Hub in January. The solid-powered Smart Display was announced this month and will begin shipping on Tuesday. In the meantime, Google seems to be working on new Pixel Buds.

FCC confidentiality on G3AL9 will end on September 24, 2021, indicating a launch for this likely Google Nest Cam from mid to late.

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