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Google Calendar launches meeting statistics for Time Insights

To help employees better manage their day, Google Calendar introduces new “Time Insights” that let paid Workspace users see “how [their] time is spent across meetings and partners. “

Google announced Calendar in March, calling Time Insights a “personal, analytical experience.” The aim of these statistics is to:

With the changes in our work environments over the last year, some people have more meetings and may feel less in control of how working hours are spent. Time Insights can show you this data and help you plan your time better.

Google explicitly states that this information is “visible to you, not your leader”

; among criticisms of other analytics attempts by other companies and products. On the other hand:

If you manage other people’s calendars and have permission to “manage sharing access” to those calendars, you can view their Time Insights.

This sidebar first shows a “time distribution” based on the “working hours” you manually enter in the calendar and types of meetings you have (1: 1, 3+ guests, “Need to answer” and everything else during the course of a working week).

The “Time in meetings” statistics show which day most of your meetings fall on and the daily average over several weeks. Finally, there is the section “People you meet”:

Shows who you spend the most time meeting. You can also attach key stakeholders to ensure that you stay in touch with them. Welding over a person will also mark the meetings in your calendar that include that person

This information is only available online with a “More Insights” button (graphic icon) that opens the panel. Even if it is on by default, Workspace administrators can disable it for a company. It’s rolling out now and will be available to more users throughout September:

  • Available for Google Workspace Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and nonprofits
  • Not available for Google Workspace Essentials, Business Starter, Enterprise Essentials, Education Fundamentals and Frontline, as well as G Suite Basic and Business Customers

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