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Google Assistant releases speech bubbles for larger text responses

On your phone, most assistant commands respond to web results, various cards, or open an app directly. Some Google Assistant responses that include text responses are now adjusted so that the font is much larger to help visibility.

To reflect the conversation’s character of the assistant, Google has long used a message metaphor – as shown in the first image below – to capture the questions and subsequent answers. Now, for certain commands, Google Assistant no longer uses a chat bubble to visually capture each exchange.

This allows Google to use a much larger font size for its text responses. Boldness helps visibility for those who prefer to read rather than hear the assistant. In addition, a nice detail old answers look shrunken and gray.

However, this change is not widely available, as most commands, such as weather or controlling smart devices, involve cards, while others directly return a list of network results. The font size is unchanged there.

Rather, you will encounter the tweak below fun exchanges with an assistant, such as “tell me a joke”

; or other informal interactions that show the programmed personality. It will hopefully be extended to other commands and responses, as visibility is generally useful.

This larger Assistant text size launches with the latest versions of the Google app on Android. It is available on Pixel’s new Google Assistant and the light field variant is available for all other devices.

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