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Google announces new features for Chromecast with Google TV and Nest devices

Google has just announced a number of new features for Chromecast with Google TV and Nest devices. The first is the Sling TV home screen integration, which launches today for Chromecast with Google TV. Once rolled out, Google TV users will be able to navigate and browse live shows served from Sling right from the home screen.

Users need to connect their Sling TV account using the Google Home app on their phone to get started. Once connected, users can access the Sling TV Live Guide by navigating to the “Live” tab, which until now only worked with YouTube TV.

Then Nest users can now customize which events they want to see in the Google Home feed. If you have multiple smart home devices, the Google Home feed can get crowded very quickly, making it harder to track important alerts. But now you can choose to hide alerts from certain categories and prioritize the ones that are more important to you. You can adjust the settings directly in the feed or create the menu on the event card.

Furthermore, when setting up a Nest smart screen or speaker, users will have the option of setting up household contacts on speed dials for their family members. This will allow you to call your family members using smart home devices, even if they do not have a Google Account.

Aside from these changes, Google has also confirmed that they are bringing Stadia, a cloud streaming service, to Chromecast with Google TV. Until now, Stadia has been available on the web and phones, but on June 24, the game streaming service will finally go live on Chromecast with Google TV, NVIDIA Shield TV and select Android TV.

Finally, Google will soon bring a new feature to the Nest smart screen that will allow users to make dinner reservations with a simple voice command.

Soon it will be even easier to reserve dinner at a restaurant by using the Nest screen. Just say “Hello Google, book a table at Osteria Morini”

; or another supported restaurant.

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