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Google and Mastercard picked up to track offline sales

The publication has also revealed how the store measurement works. Let's say you're looking to buy a new pair of shoes so you search for "red stilettos", click on a relevant ad and then eventually navigate without buying anything. Bloomberg states that when you go into a brick store to buy a pair of red stilettes using a Mastercard, Google will know and report the purchase to the advertiser who ran the campaign as "offline revenue." "

Fortunately, you must meet a few conditions before Google can track your purchases. The tool can only recognize your purchase if you were signed in to your Google Account when you clicked and if you made the purchase within 30 days of your purchase set the ad. It's not 1

00 percent clear if the company only works with Mastercard, but when it announced the tool in 2017, it said it had access to "about 70 percent" of credit and debit cards in the US through partners.

The technology giant refused to talk to Bloomberg about the deal, but a spokesman stated that the tool uses "double-blind encryption technology." She said that Google has no access to personal information about its partners credit and debit cards and, in turn, shares it non-personally identifiable information that it has.

If it does not claim the urge you feel about your real purchases being monitored, you can opt out of ad tracking by going to web and app activity. is not a corner of Google that most often goes to, and that's why several people in the company argued their concerns that the tool has no more visible way to opt out. They failed to convince Mountain View to do anything about it and the company will probably need a more convincing reason than a few employees claiming objections. According to the report, the deal has been a blessing for online titanium advertisers look a lot bigger return so they are also tempted to invest more in Google ads.

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