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God of War PS4's new game plus update now

An expected update for PS4's God of War launches today, August 20th. The biggest feature is the introduction of the New Game Plus mode, but that's not all it has in the store – it also includes some changes for those who have not completed their first run. Update: The update is now live on PSN.]

New Game Plus is headliner and lets you play through the game again from the start, but with access to your various locks, abilities and weapons. It is especially remarkable because it means you have both guns straight out of the gate.

When you start New Game Plus, you can choose a new issue; You are not tied to the choice from your previous game. There are a number of new and different challenges, such as time-limited Realm Tears, changing attack patterns for enemies and more.

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It's actually new content to check out in the New Game Plus, as you will be able to rebuild for both Kratos and Atreus. Developer Sony Santa Monica teaser This includes "someone with exciting new gamblers, such as a chestpiece that creates massive explosions when health or rage stones are stamped." There are also improved versions of armor and other items, with a new level of suicide – Perfect – you can upgrade to by getting your hands on a new resource called Cabin Battle. You can see some of the items we've seen so far in the pictures above.

Starting New Game Plus gives you a new screen. Complete the mode of Give Me God of War + problems, and you will also unlock an additional exclusive shield skin.

As for what's changing even for those who do not play in New Game Plus, you can now skip some movies, provided you & # 39; I have finished the game once. In addition, you can easily change armor, as a button is added that lets you easily transfer your enchantments. And finally, there have been quality improvements and bug fixes. We did not get an extensive list of these, but they include the improvement of the anger of Frost Ancient Runic Attack and the change of Parry Attacks to protect Kratos from harm "at all times."

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