Gmail for desktop tests a subtle fit of the icons on a handful of spots, replacing the old filled icons with higher contrast contours. It’s a minor tweak, and it’s not live for everyone yet, but it finally provides the online version of the Gmail icons that the Android app has been using for years.

Slide to see the difference

The change only affects icons for things like navigation in the sidebar folder and the actions listed at the top of emails. The change replaces the older filled gray icons with slightly darker outlined versions, although the overall look remains about the same and similar to “Googly.”

This change in iconography is not only consistent with Gmail’s Android app for years, since the major development is also consistent with changes Google has rolled out to Android and other apps in recent years. These outline icons are the future, if you are Google, and they are likely to eventually replace all filled icons across all of the company’s apps and services.

The change does not seem to have affected everyone yet. It can even be part of a limited test – literally billion of people use Gmail, and Google is going to be very tentative with any changes in it. Should it pass the pattern, expect to see the change roll out more.