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Give all the prizes to this thought-provoking game

Twice a year, it #PitchYaGame Awards encourages independent game developers around the world to share their latest creations, with cash prizes awarded to the best entries. The last summons was yesterday, and it included one fantastic original game called Applicant it is a part Portal, share Start, with a dash Pokémon Snap, and I̵

7;ll raise hell if it does not win.

Describes how Applicant playing is not easy, it is best explained by just looking at a video of it in action, so please jump down to clip embedded below. In its current form, players are dropped into abstract 3D worlds and challenged to navigate a level from a first-person perspective, but countless obstacles stand in the way, including seemingly impossible holes and uncut structures.

Players are not equipped with traditional weapons or building tools to help them, but they do have access to a Polaroid-like instant camera that can be used to take 2D images of the gaming world itself. It’s great for souvenir collectors, but instant photos they take can also be held up and placed on what the player sees in the game, at which point the 2D image incorporates physical structures into the game as part of the explorable 3D world.

Applicant also reminiscent of another puzzle called Scribblenauts who similarly relied on a player’s ingenuity to make them conjure up almost any object or tool to solve a challenge by simply writing the name in a notebook. IN Applicant, instant camera takes up space for your laptop but offers almost endless ways to solve a challenge, although at the same time it can potentially introduce new ones, depending on what you end up adding to that 3D world.

Look at videos of Applicant in action, even though the game is not over yet, brings back fond memories of our first exciting glimpses of Valves Portal years ago, which brought some much-needed innovation to the first-person shooter genre that not only involved bigger weapons and bigger, worse enemies to blow up. Finishes Applicant does not require a quick trigger finger, but ingenuity, imagination and navigable photography skills.

The creator, Robot Turtle, is a game studio founded by Matt Stark’s company, Fern Turtle Games, in partnership with Robotbamse. For now Applicant is the game’s working title, which may or may not change when the game is officially released for PCs and consoles. Unfortunately, There is no definitive launch date yet, but given that the game seems to be breaking new ground, at least when it comes to games, we are happy to let the creators take as long as they need to deliver what will hopefully be a fantastic experience.

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