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Giant leak appears to blow the lid of Google Pixel 3 XL

New flagship smartphones are some of the most beautiful secrets in technology, and while leaks often occur a month or two before an official release, it's usually enough mystery to keep things interesting.

But in an almost amazing exchange, the Russian blog Rozetked sees himself on a finished Google Pixel 3 XL and uploads a series of pictures for the world to see.

But wait, you say. Google has not even announced an official date for a Pixel launch event, so how could this Russian blog get your hands on a finished Pixel 3 XL? Well, according to a few people on Twitter an unknown source may have stolen a shipment of Pixel phones in transit before sending a device to the Russian blog.

This sequence of events was not explicitly verified by Rozetked, but when translating the blog post from Russian to English, some say: "Google made a big mistake and two months before the release of the smartphone has lost a batch of finished gadgets."

Wow. And it seems that Rozetked might not have been the only place to get your hands on a Pixel 3 XL, like another Russian vlogger that goes by Wylsacom posted more pictures of a similar device on Twitter.

If the device shown in the image above is legitimate and, on the other hand, the information that Rozetked has posted, what does this tell us about the upcoming Pixel 3 XL ?

The first big takeaway is the giant hack at the top of the screen, which, combined with the big bottom of the phone, gives a pretty hard look. Judging by the two grills on the top and bottom of the phone, it is probably safe to say that as with Pixel 2, Pixel 3 will keep its two stereo speakers with the front in front.

Unfortunately, Google does not move on to next-generation pixels. It's their unique, two-tone color scheme. On the back of the displayed device, the clean white looks completely down. Earlier, even on single-color Pixel 2, Google included a small glass part that is unlike the matte metal on the lower part of the device.

Another important thing to note is the alleged Pixel 3 XL camera, which Rozetked claims will perform the image processing capabilities of other high-end smartphones. The Russian website posted a separate story and a few Instagram images that show images taken with the anticipated Pixel 3 XL, and they look quite impressive. Having said that, it is difficult to judge image quality without having another image from another device that can be used as a comparison.

In particular, the Pixel 3 XL has a 2960 x 1440 screen and a Snapdragon 845 processor while running Android 9 Pie, which is all we've expected to look at a new flagship Pixel. Unfortunately, Rozetked did not mention the actual size of the device display.

In the box, Pixel 3 XL appears to feature a dual-sided USB-C and USB-C power, a supplied USB C to headphone jack dongle, and an OTG adapter for transferring data from one phone to another. Finally, according to the leaked pictures, Pixel 3 appears to include a wired version of Pixel Buds Google released last year, but without seeing them in action, it's hard to tell if these wired versions will contain the flight translation or Google Assistant features that made Pixel Buds so interesting.

We have come to Google for an official statement about this supposed Pixel 3 XL leak. But as the company's official policy is not to comment on rumors or speculation, the statement we come back may not clarify anything.

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