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Getting Started with DUNGEONS & DRAGONS – GeekTyrant

First and foremost, you need the rules. There are a few ways to acquire this (and one way is free and legal!). If you want to start with just enough information to play the game, great way to do this is with the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set. This includes the only basic rules, five pre-made characters, a set of polyhedral dice, and a basic character sheet.

5th Edition Player's Handbook 5th Edition Player's Handbook 5th Edition Player's Handbook . This contains all the rules you need to run an entire campaign, but you're still going to need dice, pencils, printed character sheets, a battlemat, and a slew of other things. But if you're ready to commit to D&D this book is a must-have. In fact, if you're already in the frame of mind, double down and get the Monster Manual too. It's full of creatures, monsters, guards, assassins, and more. The Player's Handbook and the Monster Manual are the holy books of Dungeons & Dragons and required reading for any aspiring Dungeon Masters. these items are available on Amazon as well as your local game stores, and practically any bookstore (right?), but maybe you don't want to shell out cash to give D&D a try. Thankfully, Wizards of the Coast, publisher of Dungeons & Dragons has released the 5th Edition Basic Rules for free on their website. You can also download blank Character Sheets and dozens of pre-made characters if your players just want to jump in and play. And if you're looking to go the cheapest route possible, there are several iOS and Android apps for dice rolling, quick rule lookups, and even digital character sheets.

Now some of you might be thinking, "Campaign? Polyhedral dice? Character sheets? ”Don't worry if you don't know a d20 from an 8d6! The Dear Dungeon Master series aims to be the singular place to have all these questions answered and more. Do you have questions about Dungeons & Dragons ? Are you a new Dungeon Master ? Are you part of a group with a problematic player? Struggling to put together your campaign? Just drop me an email at jason@geektyrant.com with "Dear Dungeon Master" in the title and I'll gladly offer answers and advice in these articles going forward

After 1

0+ years of running tabletop roleplaying games and even running a one-shot for one of D&D 's original creators, I've just seen it all, experienced it all, and I am here to help you have the best game of Dungeons & Dragons of your life. Talk to you soon.

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