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With the NFL’s Wild Card weekend officially here and Super Bowl LV just around the corner, there has never been a better time to give the TV a go. If you still use the same flat screen that you got as a hand-down from your folks, a quantum dot or QLED TV can be a great upgrade. And your dream model can only wait for Samsung, which has cut the prices of tons of top-rated models.

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For a limited time, you can save hundreds of dollars when you shop at your retailer’s sales section, including up to $ 800 for 4K QLED TVs and up to $ 2000 for 8K QLED TVs.

What is a QLED TV?

If you have not purchased high-end TVs, a QLED device is actually one where the screens consist of microscopic dots that respond to light by emitting color. The end result is a screen that can produce vibrant colors and sharper images than you would otherwise find in a non-QLED panel.

For those looking for TV in this category, the Samsung Q80T is a hidden gem. Originally priced from $ 1,099.99, it’s on sale from $ 999.99, so you can save between $ 100 and $ 200. According to Michael Desjardin, senior author and TV tester at reviewed, what makes this special QLED the model so remarkable, it all comes down to what you get in exchange for the reduced price point.

“We [haven’t] yet tested the Q80T in our labs, but being a quantum dot TV, you can reasonably expect bright highlights and impressive color reproduction, “says Michael. It is also equipped with a number of features that can [also] is available in the Q90T with more premium (priced from $ 1,599.99) – like a native refresh rate of 120 hertz (Hz) and support for variable refresh rate (VRR) – for significantly less money. ”

In Michael’s opinion, it’s a great choice for fans of the brand who may be looking for a QLED experience, but who do not necessarily want to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to secure it. You can choose from 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch repeats.

A true top-level device worth drooling over – especially at its reduced price – is the Samsung Q90T, which is one of the best TVs we’ve ever tested. Originally priced from $ 1,799.99, you can get it from $ 1,599.99 right now, saving between $ 200 and $ 800.

“[The panel for the Q90T] is equipped with microscopic dots that increase color and brightness. The Q90T impressed us with its bright highlights, rich color reproduction and impressive list of features. “

From streaming movies to next-generation games, the Samsung Q90T can be superb in any size (you can capture it in 55-inch, 75-inch and 85-inch versions) and help kick your screen experience to the next level. However, these models are just a few of the many top-rated, heavily discounted TVs available on Samsung’s website. Below are some of the most amazing options to shop now.

Less than $ 600

Less than $ 1000

Less than $ 2000

Less than $ 3000

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