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Get a Google Pixel 4 for 50% off today



Where many other companies have focused on releasing Android phones with the biggest and most impressive specifications, Google has carved out a niche that shows how to use software to make your hardware more useful. In many ways, the Pixel 4 was the first phone to offer a number of features you could not get anywhere else at the time. And the phone continues to deliver a great experience, even though it was released almost two years ago now. So when it appeared Amazon for $ 400 unlocked in “Just Black”

; I thought it was still worth recommending.

One of Lynn Las’ biggest complaints Pixel 4 in its review was the price. A great camera is not the same as a really great phone, and while the Pixel 4 certainly has a great camera, it was hard to justify spending almost $ 1000 on it. For $ 400, however, it’s a pretty good start to a cheap phone to have the first phone that really nails astro photography and continues to be one of the best phone cameras for handling low light. Google says that Pixel 4 will be supported with Android version and security updates until at least October 2022, so it’s good for more than a year. If you need an upgrade, there is no time like the present.

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