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Gene Simmons sets a record right at home buying, confirms moving to Nevada

GENE SIMMONS sets a record right at home buying, confirms moving to Nevada

Gene Simmons, series contractor, Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer and co-founder of KISS, responds to false reports of a home purchase in Malibu and wants to set the record straight when it comes to false, inaccurate and misleading reports in various media.

Simmons and his wife Shannon Tweed Simmons sells his home in Beverly Hills and moves to the state of Nevada full time. Recent reports as Simmons Buying a home in Malibu is fake and inaccurate. His wife Shannon Tweed bought the hilltop in Malibu with his own money as a personal investment. Simmons and his wife Shannon has always had separate accountants, has always filed solo tax returns and has never filed a joint tax return. Their finances have always been maintained as separate business interests, investments and financial accounts.

Other reports such as Simmons Bought a 22-acre property in the state of Washington is also inaccurate. Simmons has never owned property of any kind in the state of Washington.

Simmons has been very vocal about his desire to leave California for some time because he wanted a quieter lifestyle and to get away from being listed on celebrity maps or having to deal with Beverly Hills tour buses.


7;ve been exploring our primary housing options outside of California for a few years,” Gen so. “We considered different properties in different states, but in the end we decided that Nevada is a better choice for us. We are in a place in our lives where a metropolitan style is no longer our thing.”

Last fall, Simmons put their Beverly Hills house on the market for $ 22 million. He later did it again for $ 25 million after it never sold, and he reportedly invested a lot of money in making improvements.

“California and Beverly Hills have treated people who create jobs badly, and tax rates are unacceptable,” Gen told Wall Street Journal in October. “I work hard and pay my taxes, and I do not want to cry the Beverly Hills blues, but enough is enough.”

Simmons also said that part of the reason he and his wife built the two-acre property in Benedict Canyon was because the home had become too large for both of them since the children had grown up.

Gen and Shannon was married in 2011 after leaving since 1975. They have two children, Nick, 32, and Sophie, 28.

Gen, Shannon and their children all appeared in the reality TV series “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” from 2006 to 2012.

The last few months have Gen has been loud about people taking the COVID-19 outbreak seriously. He also blasted Americans who are defiantly skeptical of wearing a mask, saying that their refusal to follow the rules endangers our entire health.

In his 48-year career, KISS has collected 23 gold and platinum albums – more than any other American band.

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