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Gen Z considers skinny jeans out of style: What to wear instead

Interrupt the culture coming for millennia and you will be thin on this newly nixed fashion trend.

According to Gen Z, skinny jeans are now officially over. The trend was called out on TikTok, with videos condemning the body-hugging pants and asking to remove them from all closets in some very dramatic ways.

In this melodramatic and hopefully sarcastic video by user @momohkd, she instructs her 410,000 viewers to either throw away their pants, light them or cut them up for something new. At least the last option was sparse, right?

Millennials and above are understandably upset by this sudden transition to baggier pants, as skinny jeans are a staple for most people and were thought to be the elevated next step after baggy mom jeans and super low-rise denim in the 90̵


User @ takingmylifebackat42 used the platform to not only clap back at this drastic cancellation of the jeans, but also called for several trends that the younger generation either canceled prematurely or claimed they created, including the middle hard, scrunchies and “flared leggings,” which obviously only are yoga pants.

With all that being said, maybe Gen Z has a point, and it does not hurt to expand our trouser wardrobe a bit to keep up with the times.

Since skinny jeans are narrowed, and we spend more time working at home anyway, there are some looser and cooler options to try, from denim with wide legs to mom and dad jeans and everything in between.

A woman's legs in slim blue jeans

If you have a hard time kicking the skinny jeans, try these cigarette-style pants to get a slim fit without being ridiculed for wearing their thinner cousin.

From Anthropologie, these jeans come in a lighter blue wash and hit just above the ankle, perfect for pairing with low boots or sandals in the summer. They vary in size from a woman’s 25 to a 32 and come in both regular and high inner seam lengths.

A woman holds the hearing of the face wearing white tank top and blue bootcut jeans

If you already love their leggings, try the super slimming but definitely not skinny jeans for size.

Yummies bootcut style comes in a variety of colors, from black, dark navy blue and an even darker navy blue on sale for just $ 39, to a white or a classic denim blue for $ 88. Whatever the color, find a flattering midway fit with a blown out bootcut legs that are the perfect combination to keep up with this new trend.

A woman in a gray bodysuit is wearing a pair of baggy jeans with holes in her knees
Free people

Take this trend to the extreme with this super wide jean from Free People.

The uncomfortable style has a high waist to keep them on your body, but everything is baggy from there, with extra wide legs and a sleek silhouette – and pre-ripped at the knees for the retro grunge look.

A woman from the waist down in a pair of cuffs
Liverpool Los Angeles

Be at the forefront of fashion and the environment while wearing this pair of jeans from Liverpool Los Angeles.

The denim itself is recycled, and the buttons and hardware are free of chemicals, and the entire pair uses recycled water and renewable energy to produce. When it comes to fit, they rock for a non-thin style, but still squeeze your curves with a little wiggle room from the middle of the thigh down.

A woman in a brown long-sleeved shirt hidden in the paper bag with wide, blue jeans

Meeting? You have this in your backpack.

These waist jeans with paper bag are the perfect way to stay trendy and comfortable this year, with a flattering and forgiving waistband and a super wide leg to match. The medium wash pants come in small, medium and large, made of 100% cotton denim that hits just below the ankle.

A pair of black jeans with wide legs on a hanger

For a real recall, throw away the skinny jeans and swap them for dads from the 90s.

The Stradivarius jeans are sold at ASOS and come in a washed black color for an even rougher look. They come in a small length perfect for a cropped style and range in size from a 4 to a 12 in US size (32 to 44 in the UK).

A woman from the waist down wearing a green top hidden in white flared pants
Nicole Miller

Who made the rule that white jeans were only for summer?

Flip these wide-leg jeans all year round, as they fit perfectly with any color sweater and boots or a crop top and sandals – choose your choice. The jeans are from Nicole Miller’s 2021 spring collection, but take them now while you still can. They come in sizes 25 to 32 and are also available in an olive green color.

A woman in a white tank top and beige chino pants leans against a cream-colored wall
Urban Outfitters

Change jeans completely and go for chino pants with a straight leg to avoid confusion if you are in style or stuck in the thin jeans past.

These straight-legged chinos come in a variety of colors, from a crisp cream to navy blue or a classic beige to match any top of your choice. They have pleated accents for a little extra style and two sets of pockets that can fit far more than those for a pair of skinny jeans for women.

A woman in black flared trousers and a white tank top

If jeans are not for you, try a pair of trousers that have a perfect name and that also follow the rule without skinny legs.

Perfect Pant is a high-waisted alternative that uses Spanx’s magic control top to keep your stomach in check while highlighting your back and elongated legs with your swollen ankle. They also include super size, and are sold in sizes from an XS to a 3X and in a small, regular and high length.

A woman in a white and blue sweater with black checkered trousers

Wide leg? Check.

These fashionable checkered trousers from Madewell are flattering and fashionable, with a plush checkered corduroy fabric and an ankle length that matches flats for fun or heels to dress them up. They currently come in sizes XXS to XL, and due to the steep discount, they are the final sale; be sure to use the WOWIE code at checkout for an additional 40% off.

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