If you are a Gboard user who has recently been frustrated by your gliding typing and gives you a bungled root, take heart: you are not alone and you will not be mad. Google has confirmed that it is aware of the error that affects its virtual keyboard and is on the case. Meanwhile, it's a simple solution that users may have already stumbled upon.

A number of Gboard users have sent us a breakthrough error, which is not limited to any particular phones. Basically, the affected users see incorrect inaccurate words and suggestions appear when using the keyboard's swipe-typing feature. Here's an example that got a little attention on Reddit:

If you had this problem with Gboard and tried to force ̵

1; stop the app or start the phone, good instincts. In his statement to 9to5Google confirms the bay, Google also said that taking one of these actions will fix things for good. (I'm a SwiftKey man myself, but when I switched to Gboard, I did not notice any funky on Pixel 2 XL.)

Some people wonder if this is related to the latest battery saver, who hit some phones like running Android Pie, but this does not seem to be the case. Some phones that were not affected by battery saving errors are affected by the Gboard error.

If you're affected by this issue, try enforcing the app or restarting your phone. Let us know in the comments box if it solves things for you.