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Gazelle is closing down its swap business

If you are a longtime PhoneArena reader, you may be familiar with Gazelle. Since 2006, the company has been known for its online repurchase and exchange programs. Customers exchange older smartphones, tablets and other devices for cash or a credit that can be used to buy refurbished devices from the company. But, Gazelle has announced that from February 1, 2021, it will no longer offer exchanges from the Gazelle website. Ongoing exchanges will continue as planned, and users can check the status of these offers by going to their exchange account.
Gazelle says consumers will still be able to do that Visit the company website to purchase “used high quality phones at a fraction of the price.” The company adds: “We are excited to continue to help you not only save with fantastic discounts on the best smart devices, but also stay in touch for much less than the sale prices!” And Gazelle still offers a way for you to make money by getting rid of your old devices. This can be done using the outfit’s ecoATM which is available in over 4000 locations in the USA. You can find ecoATM in grocery stores, certain malls and at select retailers in the states. By placing the older device in the machine, you will be immediately rewarded with cash. At the same time, you want to help the planet by keeping electronic waste from the environment. Gazelle says you “turn green to turn green!” You can find a machine near you by clicking on this page.

After 31 January 2021, Gazelle will not be able to accept more exchanges via the website. You will still be able to see your swap account until March 31, 2021 to keep track of any swap offers you have in progress. Gazelle has not yet announced a reason why it is leaving the buying and buying side of the smartphone industry, although we wonder if consumers prefer to take advantage of swap offers for new phones offered by carriers and manufacturers.

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